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Taishou Otome Otogibanashi review

Much like Nosferatu, this was an anime I binge watched the final week of December. I found it completely by accident and decided to give it a shot. This is a historic romance first and slice of life second, and a nice wholesome watch.

This review contains spoilers.

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Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu review

This is not my usual anime. I usually watch exclusively comedy, slice of life and moe (and whatever genres JoJo fits int0). But I decided to branch out and watch a sci-fi series for the first time in years. Why? Because it features a Goth girl. Or at least the closet thing you usually see to a Goth girl in anime.

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Final thoughts on the Fall 2021 anime season

I watched five series this season. One was a short. How did I like it? Let’s find out…

Ganbare Douki-chan — This was a short in the comedy/romance/ecchi genre. I gave it a 6, mainly because it has some nice fanservice, but little else. Only 5 minutes per episode, so it’s not a huge investment, but I honestly don’t remember much about the plot or the actual characters.

My Senpai is Annoying — A nice comedy/slice of life anime that should have probably focused more on the romance elements than comedy. It was a nice wholesome and relaxing watch. No big drama, nothing sad, just fun escapism. And three awesome waifus. Futuba Igarashi is the smol main character, Touko Sakurai is the sweet as honey co-worker that has all the guys in the office after her, though she ends up with the somewhat moody Souta Kazama (well, I’d like to think they did anyway, that’s kind of left up in the air). And finally the awesome tomboy Natsumi Kurobe, who also is sweet as honey. This was my second favorite anime of the season and I scored it an 8.5

The Great Jahy-sama Will Not Be Defeated! — This was my first experience with the “poverty comedy” genre, and I enjoyed it immensely. It’s easy to sympathize with Jahy, sorry, The Great Jahy, but even the earlier episodes where she was struggling to get along are a lot of fun. Naturally it’s nice that she eventually makes small strides both to recreating the dark realm and making friends and strides in the human world. Again, this series features quite a few waifus: The kind and loving Boss, her bratty and sassy sister The Landlady, Jahy’s sycophant Druj, and naturally Jahy when she’s in her full glory. But my favorite was Saurva. Her androgynous appearance, and the hilarious ways she managed to sabotage her own traps was a source of constant amusement. I scored this a 9.

Puraore! Pride of Orange — This was a surprise hit for me. Not that I enjoyed it, just that a Japanese cartoon would cover ice hockey. For various reason ice hockey is my favorite sport, and pairing it with anime girls is a no-lose situation. Not a lot to say about this. I wish it has focused even more on the sport, but I enjoyed it and scored it a 7.

Mieruko-chan — Somewhat of a disappointment. I’m not a huge fan of horror, but I had read this was an equal mix of horror and comedy, and found that inaccurate. There are humorous elements sprinkled throughout, but the gross and creepy monsters were a distraction from any actual comedy. One nice surprise was the first few episodes provided a lot of nice fanservice, which also meant a lot of amusing malding from puritans on anime boards. But overall I also rated this a 7, but with a caveat. I gave it a bonus point for the aforementioned fanservice, though otherwise I’d had given it a 6.

I might binge watch Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu or Taishou Otome Otogibanashi in the next week. Both look like they could be amusing. No yuri in either one, but I don’t watch exclusively yuri anime.

Natsumi Kurobe in her natural element